This course provides training for terminal operators and for personnel with immediate responsibility for the loading, unloading and handling of liquid bulk cargo. It comprises a specialized training programme tailored to their duties, including terminal and tanker safety, pollution prevention, operational practice and obligations under applicable laws and regulations.

Course contents:

1. International Safety Guide for Oil Tankers and Terminals (ISGOTT);

2. Safety Procedures and Recommendations for Tanker and Terminal personnel;

3. Management of the tanker and terminal interface:

  • Communications Procedures & Precautions;
  • Information from Tanker to Terminal;
  • Information from Terminal to Tanker;
  • Pre-Berthing Exchange of Information.

4. Work sequence and risk management:

  • Ship-Shore Safety Checklist;
  • Agreed loading plan;
  • Agreed discharge plan.

5. Study of the oil tanker design and systems;

6. Control of pump and piping systems;

7. Operation of ballast and cargo handling system;

8. Inert Gas System;

9. Crude Oil Washing (COW);

10. Safe loading and unloading cargoes;

11. Prevention of marine pollution.